How much does it cost to play?

We say that all of our games are free for customers! Which is another way of saying a drink or some food and you can game! We do not set hourly limits on gaming but ask if you have a lot of people waiting to just be aware and courteous.

Can I log into my own account?

Yes! You can play on our accounts or log into your own

How old do I need to be to come to Valhalla Esports Lounge?

We are 18+ before 10pm, and 21+ after 10pm. We do allow people under 18 to come if with someone over 18, like a parent. We have a lot of parents that bring their kids in during brunch, football games, or after school.

What kind of video games do you have?

Due to memory space still being a thing we stick to the competitive games. Mostly games with big esports scenes like League of Legends, Call of Duty, Overwatch or CSGO. We do have a few other popular games like World of Warcraft.

Can I bring my own console?

No, in general. If you think you have a special case then reach out!

Can I rent a private room to game?

No, all of our PCs are first come first serve, unless there is an event or tournament.

Do you have any specials?

Yes, our happy hour is Tuesday-Friday 4-6pm! Half off house cocktails, beer and appetizers.